Published on March 8, 2019
As we’re heading to Hong Kong for the first time this October for TheTicketingBusiness Asia (16 – 17 October 2019) I thought it would be good to take a look at Etiquette in Hong Kong. After all we are their guests…
So I’ve pulled out six top tips for when you join us there!
  • People stand close to one another during a conversation but do not touch. Never hug or kiss another person or pat them on the back, especially if it is an older person or someone in a position of authority.
  • Be mindful that smoking is forbidden in some outdoor areas, like beaches and parks.
  • Publicly reprimanding, insulting or contradicting people causes humiliation and for them to lose face.
  • Holding the door open for a stranger is generally not done; you may get strange looks from others if you do.
  • Address the person by an honorific title and their surname. If they want to move to a first name basis, they will advise you which name to use.
  • Once you have begun to work with a Hong Kong businessperson, it is important to maintain the relationship.
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